2015 BSB Contest Results :
Overall Most Thuro of the day or well rounded
1st Place: Dave Hartnett
2nd Place: Andy Leitermann
3rd Place: Kyle Couture
Widest Mizo: Joey Lerner
Best Trick: Dave Hartnett
Most Creative: Matt Silcox

First Ever: Andy Leitermann
$ Turn: Brandon Ford
Grind Up: Dave Hartnett

2015 BSB Video Contest Results:
1st Place: Joshua Brennan
2nd Place: Portland, Maine

3rd Place: Western, Mass

2014 BSB Contest Results :
1st Place: Sasha Simms
2nd Place: Dylan Hopp
3rd Place: Wake Schepman
4th Place: Keegan Smith
5th Place: Remo DiTullio
6th Place: Jimmy Gill
7th Place: Tom Ferrante
8th Place: Josh Brennan
9th Place: Bryan Pina
10th Place: Tony Urban

King of the Bowl:
Wake Schepman
Best Trick:
Sascha Simms
Most Steezy:
Josh Brennan
Photo of the Day:
Matthew Silcox


2013 BSB Contest Results :
1st Place: Dylan Hopp, Warwick, RI
2nd Place: Kyle Couture – Rollinsford, NH
3rd Place: Keegan Smith – Windham, ME
4th Place: Dave Hartnett – Cumberland, RI|
5th Place: Jullian Flanders – Westborough, MA / Josh Brennan – Kenosha, Wisconsin
6th Place: Andrew Smolak – Everett, MA
7th Place: Aziz Basri – Jubail, Saudi Arabia
8th Place: James Lamarche – Hudson, NH
9th Place: Tom Ferrante – Everett, MA
10th Place: John O’Donnell – Quincy, MA / Alex Hogan – Somerville, MA 
2013 BSB Video Contest Results:
Best Clips: Kyle Couture
Most Steezy: Keegan Smith
Longest Grind: Keegan Smith
Best Switch-Up – Jared Cahill
Late Night Submission: Aziz Basri
Best Spot: Alex Hogan
Best Line: Joshua Corvinus
Worst Fall: Jared Cahill
Most Flamboyant – Andrew Smolak
Video Contest – The Day before the Street Battle
Saturday October 26th, 2013